New Line of Dimensional Scanning & Weighing Technology from Walz Scale

Dimensional Scanning Weighing Cubing System Walz Scale, an industry leader in the manufacturing of advanced weighing systems and truck scales, has recently introduced a new line of state-of-the-art dimensional scanning, weighing and cubing systems that guarantee efficient and cost-effective automation of manifest and shipping systems. These automated dimensional scanning/weighing systems are designed to handle every facet of package dimensioning, hence greatly minimizing overhead costs for a company.

The new dimensioning systems also allow for turn-key cubing and easy scanning process, which ensure efficiency and lower costs for clients. Some of the dimensional weighing equipment that Walz offers includes static package scanners, in-motion package scanners, and pallet and large freight dimension systems. Below we go into detail about some of these new cubing and dimensioning systems offered at

Static Package Scanner

The static package scanner is designed using the latest cutting-edge engineering technology. It offers accurate reliable and affordable scanning and weighing solutions for shipping, warehouse operations and point-of-sale desk operations. This scanner uses industrial-grade sensors to produce highly accurate package measurements. The scanner is highly robust and can be operated in a rugged conditions and busy shipping stations.

In-Motion Package Scanner

In Motion Cubing Dimensioning System The in-motion package scanner is a more advanced scanner that provides real-time, in-motion dimensional weighing and cubing. It is suitable for conveyor belts, and it's industrial-grade technology enables it be easily incorporated in logistics and shipping operations which use conveyor–based systems. It uses advanced laser technology to produce highly accurate dimension data even as the conveyors belts are moving at high speeds.

This advanced cubing system complies with weighing standards used by package companies like FedEx, USPS, TNT and UPS and can function as a standalone system or integrated in other conveyor systems .For businesses and organizations targeting improved efficiency, optimized throughput and reduced operational costs, this scanner offers turn-key systems that completely automates all manifest and shipping systems for the clients.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning System

The pallet and large freight dimensioning system is an advanced scanning and weighing system that also uses laser scanners to provide highly accurate dimension data. It is ideal for palletized package and cargo moving in a conveyor system and generates dimensional weight data even as the pallet is moving. These scanners can be used for both outdoor and indoor operations. The system features a data management function that facilitates easy integration into most warehouse management systems. The scanners provide fast and accurate measurement while operating in tough conditions.

The Walz cube is a technologically advanced cubing system that provides a revolutionary and effective way of managing dimensional scanning and weighing technology and package shipments. It is designed in two sizes: Walz cube and the Walz cube XL. This system easily integrates with PC software and also platforms run by package companies like Fedex and UPS. It allows users to transfer data through normal internet and data can be saved in user-friendly formats such as .csv files.

These cubing and scanning dimensioning data systems by Walz can be invaluable solutions for efficient warehousing and shipping operations of individuals and organizations. Walz scale cubing and dimensioning systems are cutting-edge systems that are reliable, accurate and save money and time for the user. They offer a flexible and intuitive interface with most shipping and warehouse systems. They are low maintenance and also easy to calibrate and use.