Dimensional Weighing: An Innovator in Dimensioning Technology

Dimensional Weighing Systems Dimensional Weighing has revolutionized dimensioning and cubing technology. Unlike the conventional cubing and dimensioning systems, the new dimensioning and cubing systems from Dimensional Weighing are effective, convenient, cost-effective and durable.

Simply, the new systems combine the industry’s best equipment with in-motion canning to bring the solution that shipping and warehousing companies have always wanted. The best part is that operators can integrate the new systems in their existing conveyor systems and start dimensioning and cubing immediately. The new systems are for companies that need their businesses to increase their revenue by minimizing weighing costs.

Turn-key Dimensional Weighing Equipment Parecel Dimensioning

Dimensional Weighing Equipment Many operators choose to use the new systems and equipment from Dimensional Weighing due to their accuracy, dependability, and turn-key installation. Additionally, compared to other dimensional weighing equipment and cubing systems, the options provided are very affordable.

The systems offer real time parcel dimensioning and weighing equipped and integrated with software. Like mentioned above, you can integrate them with your business’s existing system and this reduces setup costs. It is easy to manage as the systems work with Windows OS.

In-Motion Package Scanner (IMPS)

This in-motion cubing system has been designed for high speed operations requiring high accuracy. It offers the automation any operator may need to perform swift cubing. You can choose to use the IMPS as a standalone system or integrate it into your conveyor system. It is a system that is easy to manage given that you can buy replacement parts in a store near you.

Like any other product by Dimensional Weighing, the IMPS complies with UPS/FedEX/DHL/USPS dimensional weighing standards. It is unique in that it weighs when the package is in-motion and still manages to bring forth accurate measurements. This is the reason it comes handy in high speed operations. Learn more about this advanced cubing system.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning Systems

If you need a system that works in the toughest of conditions, the pallet and large freight dimensioning system by Dimensional Weighing is the way to go. It is a simple to manage system as it easily integrates into your already established shipping and warehousing systems. The data management system, which can operate in Windows OS, simply integrates into your system to make operation seamless. The accuracy of the system is a result of the state-of-the-art laser scanners that can work both indoors and outdoors.

The systems have been customized to meet the need of each and every shipping and warehousing needs. To achieve this, they have designed more than one type of pallet and large freight systems including: the In-Motion Cargo Scanner (IMCS) which comes handy in measuring palletized packages running in a conveyor; the Static Cargo Scanner (SCS) accurately measures a package that is not in motion; the IMCS-900 is a new technology to be unveiled in summer 2016 which makes the operations easier. According to Dimensional Weighing, the system will accurately weigh sans stopping the lift or truck.

Cost-Effective Dimensioning Systems

Dimensional Weighing brings cutting-edge systems for warehousing and shipping operations at a fraction of the cost. Theirs are wisely designed systems with the aim of bringing efficient, reliable and accurate shipment as well as production data. They have also brought to the market a seamless volumetric load measurement technology that other companies envy. Put simply, Dimensional Weighing has taken the best in the industry and bettered it.