FQHC Billing Company Provides Industry-Defining Solutions

FQHC Billing Company Practice Management

Practice Management strives to maximize the advantages of their clients with comprehensive, custom-tailored FQHC billing services. The company has decades of experience and an aresenal of billing resources that enables them to improve the Federally Qualified Health Center billing of their customers.

This FQHC billing company is well-versed in offering highly professional FQHC billing services. For sure, they will work to give their clients streamlined and most advantageous Federally Qualified Health Center billing experience. Practice Management is one of the medical companies that has confirmed track record in maximizing revenue and reducing payment turn-around time.

The company`s experienced staff offers physical billing services for all aspects of CHC billing, FQHC billing and coding including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance for medical, dental and behavioral health claims. Besides, they have bilingual customer service staff for the convenience of their customers.

As one of the most established FQHC billing company, they employ professionals in billing for all medical specialties that usually provide service for CHCs and FQHC including behavioral health, family practice, pediatrics, internal medicine, dental, advanced practice nurses, cardiology and OB/GYN. The following are what makes Practice Management's FQHC billing services unique, advanced, and industry-defining compared to other providers of such services.

Why Practice Management's FQHC Billing Solutions?

Below we underscore seven primary reasons why some many Federally Qualified Health Center seeking the professional FQHC billing services of Practice Management.

1. Benefits of Federally Qualified Health Center Billing

The company can handle their customers FQHC billing needs and they will enjoy decreased overhead costs, increased income, cash flow improvement, increased provider and patient satisfaction and improved coding experience through the use of fully compliant procedures and policies.

2. Exceptional reporting solutions

The company provides routine customized and standard reporting for all their customers in their Health Center Billing services. Upon implementation, the company works with their customers to decide the unique reporting needs of their FQHC to design the reports that they require. Therefore, they give their clients customized billing services & experience.

3. FQHC billing consultations

Important on-going consultation is available the provider and for administrative personnel for billing service customers. Typical issues for consultation include software usage, coding, front office procedures, and financial procedures and policies. Also, they can provide revenue cycle management consultation services that include reviews of part or all of their customer`s current processes, right from maintenance of software file, setup & configuration, and accounts receivable analysis to actual accounts receivable recovery services.

4. Credentialing services

Appropriate provider credentialing makes the difference between not getting paid and getting paid. Unlike other FQHC billing companies, this company provides unique credentialing services for the new locations as well as dental, behavioral health and medical providers. They give their clients` center increased security & more time to focus on their patients.

5. Legal compliance

The company operates within the safe harbor of all regulations and laws. Their compliance officer & committee work constantly to ensure adherence. When one works with this FQHC billing company, his or her FQHC billing will be managed legally and ethically.

6. Software integration

Thy company can carry out all billing duties through remote access to their clients` software. Alternatively, they can provide Federally Qualified Health Center billing, appointment scheduling and eligibility software for their customers convenience.

7. Patient service contact

Patient contacts are modified to suit your requirements. Some of the available services include patient statements, outbound calls, past due letters, Web-based payment portal, toll-free inquiry and their committed patient service representatives.

The above are 7 aspects that make Practice Management's FQHC billing services unique, advanced, and industry-defining compared to other providers of such services.