5 Tips for Starting a Triathlon Coaching Business

Starting Triathlon Coaching Business If you're a passionate athlete thinking about starting your own triathlon coaching business, I commend your aspiration in cultivating a life around the sport. There is truly a lot great knowlegde and love to spread throughout the sport, and by operating successful, athlete-focused triathlon coaching business, you can spreadhead that postive movement and growth in the sport.

Your triathlon coach business model will depend on several variables, such as where you're located, your experience as a coach, and the types of athletes your looking to work with, both online and offline. While there are many specifics that will define your coaching business, I am going to share five tips to help you set the foundation for your marketing and athlete acquisition assests.

In otherwords, consider integrating these ideas into your triathlon coaching business marketing strategy.

Choose Your Business Name, Target Location & Athletes

Coaching Business Triathlon First, choose a name for your triathlon coaching business. This can include your real name (i.e. "[Your Name] Triathlon Coaching") or more like a brand name (i.e. "Endurance Evolution Coaching"). Whatever you choose, stick with it as changing it in the future will create a lot of work down the road (with respect to the following tips.)

Next, define your target location in which you plan to offer your coaching services. Are you focusing on one particularly city or region? Or can you offer your services state-wide, or even in several states? Additionally, some coaches may opt for online triathlon coaching and may structure their business around web-based interaction with athletes all over the world. This, however, will shape all marketing moving forward.

Lastly, determine the target athlete profile that defines your ideal client. Are you planning to work with beginners or seasoned Ironman triathlets. Pinpointing your target athletes will help you create your triathlon coaching business plan.

Establish a Web Presence

The next important step to crafting your coaching business is to establish a web presece around your brand. You can design and build a website (which is highly recommended), or use other means like social media profiles on Facebook or Google+ to act as your primary web presence.

To get the best results from your marketing efforts, I strongly suggest building a website. This way, you can fully leverage social media and other athlete acquisition strategies that I mention further below.

Build a Social Media Presence

Parallel with establishing your coaching business' website is building your social media presence. This will serve as primary means of building brand recognition and get your name out there, especially if your focusing on a local triathlon coaching business model.

Start with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. If you have the time and resources to regularly produce and share content, also consider rich media social sites

like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Here you can share videos and images of some of the things you're doing with your coaching business as well as with your athletes. This effort will help grow your overall web presence and business, all while building your credibility and reputation.

Participate, Network, & Reach Out

Now that the online foundation is built, take your efforts off-line and participate as much as you can in related triathlon events. This can be as simple as volunteering at a local race, or attending a conference or expo, such as the Science & Triathlon Conference held in Paris, France in late November.

Also, don't hesitate to reach out to other reputable triathlon coaches, whether they be top Ironman triathlon coaches or local coaches in your area. Building your network and learning from all possible resources and triathlon coaches will ultimately shaped the sustainability and long-term success of your tri coaching business.

Athlete Acquisition Strategies

Lastly, you'll need to acquire new athletes to grow and support the revenue streams behind your triathlon coaching business. In conjunction with your website and/or social media presence, consider investing in some of the following athlete acquisition strategies:

These are just a few tips and ideas to help start and grow a successful triathlon coaching business. For more information about me, Tyler Tafelsky, and how to get started building and marketing your triathlon coaching business, visit my website at www.BetterTriathlete.com where you can find a wealth of resources to help you jump-start your efforts.