Cutting-Edge Truck Scales & Harvest Weighing Systems for Farmers

Truck Platform Scale Farming is one of the activities that require a lot of mechanization and use of modern technology so as to reduce the cost of production to lower levels. For that reasons there are different types of truck scales and weighing machines that have played pivotal roles in helping farmers and agricultural producers to weigh their harvests and crop loads. The following are some of the most commonly used truck scales for sale and harvest weighing systems available to make work easier during harvest season.

Galvanized truck scales

These are unique and modern truck scales that are galvanized to enhance maintenance of the farm scales. They are similar to other farm scales but galvanized with a light suspension to enhance its efficiency and reduced its maintenance cost.

These truck scales for sale help the farm to weight their farm products on site without necessarily incurring additional transport costs. These scales area placed on the farming site and thus the better option for agricultural producers. They are durable and easy to install. It is capable of withstanding virtually all harsh weather conditions. It is actually durable and efficient.

Standard-duty truck scales

These scales substitutes the use of heavy machinery and cranes on the farm during harvesting since it allows onsite installation thus enabling farmers to cut down production cost in significant levels. These scales are cost effective thus the most reliable and effective scales for virtually all large scale farmers. The standard duty farm scales enables drivers to enter and exit farms safely thus enabling them to have adequate and simple loading and offloading of farm products during harvesting.

Most standard-duty truck scales for sale offer average or rather medium scale sizes which convenient for farmers. It allows simple and effective services for all weighing electronics since it is located onsite. It is the best choice for those farmers who want to revolutionize and automate their weighing.

Wide-deck farm truck scales

These are ideal kind of truck scales that facilitates onsite weighing of all the farm produce. It is durable and flexible. It allows farmers and drivers to access the weighing scales within the farm safely without having to hire other machinery such as heavy trucks and cranes. The truck platform scales for sale can be adjusted in different widths thus facilitating weighing of all kinds of loads during harvesting.

Stainless steel scales

These are the kind of the most durable weighing systems that are made of steel decks. Steel beams are structures in L or U shaped to ensure that trucks can ran longitudinally so as to allow weighing of loads as fast as possible. They are the most preferred scales that ensure that trucks are held firmly in all sides. They are long lasting and easy to maintain thus the best weighing systems for farmers. Its installation is easier and faster thus the perfect systems for farmers. They are highly accurate when it comes to weighing.

Grain dump scales

These are the kind of systems engineered to suit the framers needs. They are durable and maximizes on efficiency. They are cost effective and easy to maintain.

Alternative Truck Scales for Sale

Other farm-focused weighing systems and truck scales for sale include the following:

Portable Axle Scales

Portable Truck Axle Scale Portable axle scales are highly versatile, affordable, moveable, and accurate thus offering farmers with the convenience that they deserve during harvesting season. Also known as portable truck scales or weigh pads, these are systems that are preferred by a majority of farmers since they are cost effective. They even make specially-designed portable truck scales for farmers.

On-board Scales

On-board scales are specifically integrated on various trucks and equipment. This means that on-board weigh scales offer immediate weight readings without needing an external scale unit. The nice thing about on-board truck weigh scales avoids farmers with other additional costs of hiring cranes and other related machinery needed for loading and offloading.

Grain Cart Scales

Farm Grain Dump Truck Scale These are medium scales ideal for grain producers and other average and small scale farmers that they frequently prefer the use of carts during harvesting. They are cost effective and easy to install and maintain. They are also affordable to virtually all farmers.


Weighbridges are meant for commercial farmers and large heavy-duty scales for high-volume applications. Weighbridge truck scales are efficient and reduce commercial workload and truck scales to a larger extent. They are the best choice for large scale farmers. They are durable and easy to maintain.

Apart from the farm scales, the Load Scanner is also one of the new agricultural innovations that allow farmers to cut down their cost of production. It is not a scale but a 3D scanning device that converts volume data into a weight using advanced technology and software. It is accurate and can be installed together with other harvest weighing systems. They are accurate with minimal relative errors.